KIDS CLUB is a place for children ages 0-11 to learn the Word of God through songs and teaching and encourage them to memorize Scriptures and help them understand what the Scriptures mean.

Sundays 10AM + Wednesdays 7:30PM

We hope to lay a foundation of God’s Word in the lives of children and encourage a servant heart towards others. We will do this by showing them how much God loves them. Children will be taught Biblical truths presented in a fun and exciting way that address a variety of learning styles. Children will learn to apply these truths and build their faith, self esteem and courage to stand for Christ.

We want to provide a place where parents can confidently leave their children and be blessed and be a blessing in worship and learning from the Word. We recognize that the primary responsibility for these children lies with their parents. We want to do everything possible to support them in the overwhelming task of raising children in our culture that repeatedly tells them that truth doesn’t matter.


Our Heart For Kidz Club

"To Lead the Children to Jesus."
Mark 10:13-14

"To set a Foundation for a child’s Christian walk."
1Cor 3:11

"To help parents to diligently teach God’s Word."
Deut 6:4-9

"To instruct Children in God’s standard of Righteousness."
2Tim 3:16

"To prepare the children to live as believers in a non-believing world." 
2Tim 3:10-12 • Eph 6:11